Group & Individual Consultation


Individual consultation is also offered through contacting the therapists below to set up a supportive time for you to connect and create a plan. Before submitting your EMDRIA application, you must have at least 10 hrs. of individual consultation to fulfill the EMDRIA Consultant requirements.

EMDR Consultation

Consultation focuses on the mastery and integration of standard EMDR therapy in practice. The consultant values the integrity and independence of the consultee. The consultant and consultee are expected to operate within the ethical standards and scope of practice of their respective professional licenses. (EMDRIA )

The intended purpose of consultation is for the consultant to provide guidance and feedback to the consultee regarding their use of standard EMDR therapy with clients.
Consultation is not supervision. The consultee maintains full responsibility and autonomy for the decisions involving their clients’ treatment. The consultant provides feedback on the consultee’s implementation of standard EMDR therapy and is not directive with client treatment.
Completion of the CTC consultant training provides you with the necessary requirements to submit your application for your EMDRIA Approved Consultant certification.

Consultation for Certification and Becoming a Consultant

Our team consists of highly experienced and qualified therapists with specialized education and skills (with focuses on addiction, foster and adoption issues, first responders, therapists seeking therapy, expressive arts, attachment, inner child work, and relationship issues). Additionally, all of our therapists are EMDRIA Approved Consultants and EMDR Trainers who train therapists nationally.

Our team of EMDR experts offer consultation for towards Certification or becoming a Consultant. 


We’re now offering consultation groups for therapists who want to grow in their EMDR knowledge and work towards Certification!

Therapists must have completed EMDR Basic Training

All therapists must have at least 2 clients they can present during the calls
EMDRIA requires 20 hours of consultation, 10 of which can be group. These calls will meet half of your consultation requirements
For more information about EMDRIA requirements for EMDR Certification, click here
Five 2-hour virtual groups
Option to join a monthly or bi-weekly group
Max 8 people per call
$150 per call ($75 per hour)

Payment options:

$750 upfront
Two $375 payments
Cohorts are created on a first come first serve basis

Sign up using the form below to join a group

If the dates listed below do not work with your schedule, but you’d like to still join a group, please let us know in the form so that we can contact you once new dates become available

Available Professionals

All of our therapists are EMDR Certified and EMDRIA Approved Consultants who have extensive experience working with complex trauma, sexual trauma, first responders, foster care, EMDR intensives, expressive arts, eating disorders, children and families, addictions, and more.

Some of the topics covered will be using parts work, dissociation, Attachment-Focused EMDR, cognitive interweaves, stabilization, case conceptualization, secondary gains, common and complex barriers to treatment, and assessing client readiness for EMDR.

Roxanne Grobbel, J.D.. LCSW

EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Trainer

 – Individual Consultation Rate: $150/hour
– Group Consultation Rate: $75/hour

Holly Fregin, LMHC

EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Trainer

 – Individual Consultation Rate: $150/hour
– Group Consultation Rate: $75/hour

Mariana Caro, LCSW

EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Trainer

 – Individual Consultation Rate: $150/hour
– Group Consultation Rate: $75/hour

Tessa Groshoff. LMHC

EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Trainer

 – Individual Consultation Rate: $150/hour
– Group Consultation Rate: $75/hour

Get Started


These EMDR Consultation Sessions are designed for Therapists who have completed the EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training (including the 10 hours of consultation). Consultation is for therapist who are wanting to go further in their EMDR knowledge and are working towards Certification.

*You must attend 5 of the 6 calls offered below in order to receive your consultation letter required for certification.

*The 6th call is only offered as a make up option for those who have to miss a call

*If you miss more than one call, there will be an additional charge of $75 per hour to complete your consultation requirements.

Cost: $750 for five 2-hour virtual consultation groups (10 hours total, $75 per hour)

*Payment will be collected once we officially place you in a call